About Edge

Edge Training & Consulting Firm was founded in 2010 with a vision to spread the knowledge, learning, and wisdom with the world. in addition, our aim is to equip people with the best of competency and capability and help them gain excellence in their jobs, work or profession. Whereas our vision is

“To inspire people to do what inspires them”

The entity possesses a vast experience in the field of compliance in ISO standards, OHSA Practices, Environmental requirements, and regulations. Our consultants are also expert in world’s best manufacturing practices, like; Toyota Production System, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma. We are the right choice for consultancy for system development, Total Quality Management, Business Process Reengineering, etc.

In addition, the entity has equipped itself with updated and pragmatic training methodologies. We are fully ready to inculcate its learners with all new orientations of learning and development. The Training variety may include from technical to management to personal development and motivational subjects. The category includes our famous Package of 5 Booster Training; Goal Setting, Decision Making, Time Management, Stress Management and Team Building, etc.

Our Director and Chief Trainer and Consultant is Mr. Obaid Bilgarami who is MBA in Marketing. However, he hails from manufacturing experience background with about 15 years in the automotive industry. He has worked in affiliation with world-class OEMs, like Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Hino, etc. Therefore he possesses expertise in the field.

His hardcore qualification includes certification for Lean Management, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, IOSH, Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor Courses for QMS, EMS & OHSAS and numerous national & International certification.

He validates softcore skills with international certifications, like; NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner, Leadership Success Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith (World No.1 Coach), many more.

Our platform has served a versatility of clients from Automotive Sector to Academic institutes to NGOs/ NPOs, etc. We have also associated with Governmental & Semi-Governmental Training Programs