The 5 strategies to turns your setbacks into comebacks

Failure to success

How to turn your setbacks into comebacks

In the game of life, one confronts win or lose situations where sometimes you rise above the obstacles and make it and at times you fall flat to the stone floor of failure. Setbacks are the equally important part of your life as your achievements are. They hold the equally important role in defining your long-term success if you tend to extract the great essence of learning out of those failures and turning your setbacks into comebacks. Your setbacks are the guideposts to set your motion in the right direction. Winston Churchill says “Success is a journey from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.”

Below are the most productive and the result-oriented strategies to optimize learning from your failures and turning your setbacks into comebacks:

1-Keep the half-filled glass Approach

Nothing is as fatal to your goals as simply giving up. Remember perfection is the enemy of progress. Don’t chase for 100% results as 60% is equally good as 100%. Adopt a positive thinking approach even if you ended up just setting a goal and not even lifted a single step towards it. Since you still come from a category of 33% people who at least have a dream, desire or goal. Be thankful and use the power of intuition to at least have a desire which is a direction to move forward to whenever the flesh and spirit come in shape.

2-Run a diagnostic mode

Eliminate your hindsight biases and learn to take responsibility for your failures as this is the first step to turning them into comebacks. Run a memory scan and use your diagnostic tool to identify the roadblocks and bottlenecks that deterred you from making a move or reaching your goals. List down the shortfalls in terms of resources, knowledge and skill, support or any other means you went devoid of. Don’t act superficially. Drill down to the underlying causes in order to have a secure and well-planned comeback.

3-Turn plans into the action plan

Acceding the list of root causes to your past failures, set action plans as your short-term goals. Value them with equivalent significance as to your main goal. Make no excuse, cut no corners and avoid dilly dallies. Discipline is unavoidable key to accomplishment. If you focus your past setbacks, you would notice that a good number of your shortfalls are the numerous forms of pretexts where you simply lacked a disciplined approach. A mistake is once done, twice is foolery. A lack of serious and die-hard approach to your minor action plans is the primal area of lapses where one breaks apart.

4-Develop the spice of Variety

A goal is dully defined is a goal destined to doom. One of the major reasons for failing to attain a goal is that the goal has no appetizing lure or simply originating out of an unripe desire. True Dreams do not evoke slumbers but in fact, they are a wakeup call or an alarm or a signal to keep the light on. If your goal does not offer such temptation, it lacks the spice. Spruce it up and make it as compellingly attractive as possible. Garnish it with affirmations, design it with the visual of gains and relish even daydreaming about it (Daydreaming is not good though).

5-Adopt a collaborative monitoring approach

Your mind is the conspirator. It sticks its attention to the short-term appeals unless your subconscious mind counters its intrigues. In order to keep your mind on track, develop a measuring stick approach. Make measurement as frequent as your adhesion to the interest is. If you find the bonding in low strength, monitor frequent and celebrate even a little change until your bigger gains become more outweighing than minor accomplishments. Count the chickens as the eggs start hatching but don’t take your eyes off the target quantity of chickens.

Where the strength of adhesion to a goal is comparatively lower, one another tool is to have an accountability partner. But this time, he is to be your active partner by being apprised of the reasons to your setbacks and your counter plans to turn your setbacks into comebacks. His role is to be well defined so as to be a buzzer or alarm that goes off once you go off track to your goals. He or she should be close enough to enjoy the similar post achievement entitlements and privileges. This approach would make you both sail in the boat leading to the destination of mutual interest and benefits.


In furtherance to the aforementioned strategies, one must remain to beware to the most lethal predicaments to goal getting and setbacks which are Overthinking and Procrastination. They are the unstoppable bugs to the process. You can’t stay away but steer clear of them. You have to be wise and alert to these malware attacks. Don’t let overthinking kills your dreams the way it killed last year. Remember that faith moves mountains and only the risk takers are rewarded. Fear generates procrastination which is another spyware and it silently corrupts the system by either making the process complex or engages the energy in trivial and unfruitful tasks. Procrastination saps the vigor and drains you out from turning your setbacks into comebacks. Ultimately you start losing momentum and drifting away from the defined course.

Find Focus: 5 most effective techniques to gain power of focus

Focus, Concentration

How is it easy to be lost, indecisive and collapsed? How difficult is to find focus? And how does concentration work? These are quite common questions that arise in the minds of a vast majority. Life is getting complex and mechanistic. You find yourself tied up in hectic routines, mentally occupied with tasks and with no proper guidance to cope with this monster. Finally, the time which is left; is further distracted by the insignificant interests and activities which are at times so luring that you can’t escape. So, the crux is “How to find focus” which has more or less become a parabola of mathematics which a lot of people find hard to crack.

The focus is one of your greatest strength. If you are a student, job holder, businessman, entrepreneur, it is your pre-requisite. There are many practices that are designed to help one get more focused but mindfulness is above all which helps in making concentration a part of your lifestyle. Let’s make it clear that it’s not a piece of cake to gain mindfulness and focus, yet the following are some of the techniques to find focus and mindfulness:

Reframe the patterns

The first thing you do is to observe the system of life and check how distraction exists and work within the system. Now you after finding the patterns, reframe them in an entirely contrasting manner. For example; If the first thing you are to do at the office is checking emails, break to it. Do planning first that what are the most important activities for today and what are urgent and important to be done at first. Indeed, checking email would be a secondary priority. Or let’s say you have a tendency to check your Twitter or Facebook status quite often, change the pattern, how; by uninstalling from mobile phone and using it at your laptop or desktop pc. If it’s difficult, keep your phone on silent mode (No notification mode) for some time when you wish to find the focus on an activity.


It’s not your doing that distracts but your environment contributes a lot too in this connection. The environment is the surrounding where you spend your time around. If your office desk is messy, it will drastically impact on your power of concentration. If the TV or music is loud at home, you will certainly be at sea to find focus. Ever wonder why a library is a place to read and a hospital to fall sick too, funnily speaking. Reshape your environment if you wish to seek concentration. Put things in order so that you always find what you need instead of searching and wasting time. Make a separate working area at home where you are accompanied only with your work and nothing else.

Positivity of situation

The world is rife with negativity and full of negaholics. You have to avoid the negativity bias in order to maintain mindfulness. Negativity is like leeches sucking out your energy and power. It drains you of concentration and leaves you in a confused state. It’s like instead of mulling over the half-fullness or half emptiness of a glass of water, one should say thanks to God and drink what is available to it. Whatever the catch or puzzle, life puts you into, remain grateful and focused by believing that who put you in the rabbit hole, will also get you out of it. Look through the problem-solving mind not the problem finding one. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Read the needs (Physical or Mental)

You must have heard a proverb “It’s the straw that breaks camel back”. Body and mind have their own needs and momentum. In order to find focus, one needs to align with your physical needs or mental needs. You can’t have quality results if you force your mind or physique to a task. If you wish to find focus, you need to put your mind and at body at ease, meditation plays a great role in acquiring it. Learn to use your power of intuition to identify the moment of optimum focus and make the best use of that time. A good sleep, fitness work out and adopting healthy habits are the key source to maintaining physical and mental needs.

Discipline (Bind with time)

One of the key ingredients or factors to success in gaining focus is Discipline. All above exercises are transitory in nature. You have to habituate yourself to these practices by binding yourself with time and discipline. Follow a daily routine by allocating time and resources needed for a task and adhere to it. Do one thing at a time, avoid multitasking and remove distractions. Discipline encompasses all aspects of your life which are vital in achieving the wonders of focus and mindfulness. Procrastination is the opposite of discipline, be wise to it. It is the silent killer of your concentration. The only way to kill this viper is to “plan your work and work your plan.

The above strategies to find focus and concentration are tried tested and proven. You only have to act upon them as action outweighs all. No one can have the focus just by desiring one. So, you have to go get it by following the afore-mentioned practices and firewall yourself against the time wasters, mood busters and energy sappers as elaborated to in the above passages. The undermentioned adage is the best synopsis of above and with this, I rest my case.

“Iron rusts from disuse, stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen, even so does inaction sap the vigors of the mind.” Leonardo da Vinci

Mastering effective communication techniques

Techniques, Communication Art

Effective communication is the mastery. It is a set of communication techniques that help in setting up a successful team, group. It is presumably a significant aspect of building bona fide connections, creating thoughts, and helping a performing group conquer difficulties and to confront troublesome conversation.

I have put down some significant techniques for you to enhance the quality and amount of correspondence. One requires these communication techniques for effective performance in a group. You should comprehend that every team comprises of unique team members and no group is the equivalent in all terms. In this way, you may need to bring a more profound plunge into understanding your very own group’s correspondence elements to gain the mastery.

Stay accessible:

The most ideal approach to have great correspondence is to be accessible to converse with individuals when they need to. You ought to take no time in helping your team representatives whenever they require your interventions. The more you will make yourself accessible to your representatives, the more loosened up a climate of correspondence you will make in the working environment.

Have a well-disposed frame of mind:

Anotnher effective communication techniques is to have an amicable mentality when you are working with a group. When you build up a well-disposed mentality, you pull the individuals normally towards yourself and think that it’s simpler to approach you.

This kind of correspondence enables representatives to impart their issues to you all the more transparently and show signs of improvement at whatever they are chipping away at. It makes it simple to work with grouchy collaborators as well in the event that you have an agreeable demeanor. Such an attitude is embedded within you by exploring the power of intuition.

Embrace the propensity for tuning in:

Great correspondence isn’t constantly about passing on your message; It lies in tuning in to what others need to state. By turning into a decent audience, you totally comprehend what others need to state and work intimately with them. This close intimation among the crew is an assurance to the team’s success and it is also one of the effective ingredients to the recipe of success.

Unambiguous sharing of ideas:

For good correspondence, it is also one of the effective communication techniques. It is imperative to be clear in your ways and messages that you need to pass on. Producing a ton of troublesome words from your mouth does not influence individuals to see effortlessly what you need to let them know. Expel all the lighten and chat in straightforward words with the goal that everybody can comprehend them.

Eye to eye Communication Techniques:

While speaking with other individuals, it is essential to look at them without flinching. Focus on non-verbal correspondence as well, for example, crossed arms and glares are the significant signs that demonstrate a mode of disagreement. In contrast, nodding while communication denotes a sign of agreement and appreciation which builds rapport among team members.

Welcome the inputs:

Input either feedback or feedforward is also one of the extremely essential communication techniques regardless of what level you are working at.

It is highly advised to be available to the input from your manager, associates, or clients. It is the most ideal approach to find out about you and all the more significantly enhance yourself.

The afore-mentioned techniques to effective communication in a working group are pivotal to the success of the group. A group devoid of such techniques result in break-offs and standstill situations at different events. Such techniques are built upon practice with due humility and collaboration by every team member including leaders.

The Recipe to the factors of Success

This is usually a question that perplexes an average mind what really takes a man to reach the height of success. one ponders what are the secret success factors that lead one to the success zone. They try different ways to cook dishes in ways that make one relish over it. Yet there are some who succeeding in achieving that pinnacle to success.
So the recipe to gain success remains in dark but not until you go through this article. Here I would share with you some of the easiest ways to cook the dish of success in a manner that would make them go mad about.

Ingredients to Success

Before getting your hands on success factors one must know what it takes to make the dis of success. So here are some of the ingredients which are to be put in the rightest amount or quantity and in the right sequence to get closer to the dream success. The set of ingredients is called 6 Ps to Success:
  1. Passion
  2. Purpose
  3. Plan
  4. Perform
  5. Progress
  6. Prove

The Ps are to be comprehended in their true sense and sensibility in order to extract the right essence of success. Now we would delve into each P one by one in order to unravel the secret.

Related imagePassion:

As the word sounds that what is ignited within you like a flame. passion is something you love to relate your life to. you love to watch, listen, discuss or even think about. it can take any form a hobby, sports, work, skill or anything that interests you more than anything. So your first job is to find that passion what drives you crazy for.

Purpose:Image result for Purpose

The passion once molded into the right direction turns into the purpose of your life. The purpose is the guidepost that sets your efforts into that right direction. Life without purpose is like a life of wild horse who aimlessly wanders around the fields and end up there. Once the same horse is tamed and set into the target of winning the race, it lives a life and ends as a memory. so you have to crux the purpose out of your passion and make it a goal of your life.
The purpose can be further intuited with the power of intuition.

Image result for PlanPlan:

 You have the purpose of your life in the form of a goal, the journey just begins. now all you need to do is to plan your moves with timelines to turn that goal into a reality. Make a target and then break into small steps/ plans to secure small achievements. This leads you to the accomplishment of all time target.


 Now once the plan is set, it’s time to put yourself into motion and start walking your talk. The activities defined in small steps/ plans are to be geared into action. Do work slowly but consistently while keeping the timelines in mind to make it well time achievement. Avoid procrastination, put-offs and set priorities to the activities planned earlier.

Progress of Success Factors:Presentation, Statistic, Boy, Character, Man, Male

As a dictum goes, what is not measured, is not managed. You must keep a vigil on the progress of your planned activities. Make sure that the activities are done in the right manner, at the right time and in the right amount. The progress checks work as an alarm and enlighten you whether you are pacing rightly or you have to increase the momentum. It also helps you identify the shortfalls and build backup plans to cover the gaps.


The progress is monitored, the errors are improved and the fruit of efforts is riping up. The steam is coming off and indicating that the dish is going to be ready. The aroma is spread around in the shape of achievements of small steps/ plans. this is the right time to serve the dish to others and prove your mettle that the success you dream, you deserve. Prove it to yourself and make your self proud of you. with that pride and confidence, step into the fierce market of competition and you would certainly stand out from the crowd.


Be wise that there is no shortcut to success. Success is not overnight or achieved in a fluke. Success is earned, revered and celebrated. People who take the easy way usually end up nowhere whereas when one dares to explore untrodden paths, risks and prepare while considering all Ps with due care and diligence, success kisses his or her feet as you must have heard “Fortune favors the bravest.”

Power of Intuition

Power of intuition
Perceptions are the binoculars through which you usually see things. At times, the way things look is not the way things are but they are sighted to you the way you see them just because of your earlier perception based biases. Perceptions are deceptive as they tend to bend with incidences one goes around with.
However, there is one force deep within you that surpasses your perception and alters the feel into a stronger sense that is actually closer to the factuality; i-e, Intuition.

Intuition is a sense of alarm that helps our perception to direct the focus to the actual facade of the situation and enable you to form the positive judgments or decisions to act or remain inactive. The irony is that this is a forsaken trait by people and usually an individual who not only look for the earthly facts but also neglects the natural signaling which is the guided system to help you steer clear of upcoming dangers but also gives you inklings to the underlying goodness of an incidence.

Here the question arises that what we could do to get a handle on this boon. First of all, we must learn to pay heed to those inner voices within us which could either be the voice of your conscience or a pang in your stomach or whatever the shape it takes, it must be put forth to you before we could form an opinion or make any decision. Once we habituate ourselves with this act of listening to the sensory tiny voice, we would find ourselves in a better situation to analyze a situation and to evaluate the pros and cons of our reaction to that particular state of affairs.

What lies next to give our intuition a shot.

 Why call it a shot? As it may sometimes go off the hook or may go against your expectation as opposed to the prevailing paradigm of “A universal guidance system”, but again this sense needs some time and experiments with its allowed proportion to failure in order to get strengthened up and let it establishes the best possible notions on the basis of which, it alters its course of inference so as to reach as close as possible to the reality-based decisions and map your mind into the right dimensions of psychics.
When this gut feeling is all nurtured up, it embodies the structured criterion within your mind to assess a case in point before getting down with a firm opinion or stronghold conclusion. So, now this is the time that you reaped what you harvested. You have successfully awakened the natural mechanism within yourself who mentors your true defined living standards, work patterns, habits forming or behavioral administration and that is the point where your maturity takes off the edge.
The power of intuition is infinite in nature and if further reinforced with advanced neuro-linguistic tools, it channels a sprout of energy in your self and assists you being an individual with extraordinary abilities which is commonly found in the world best leaders, founders or change agents as they possessed a firm control over their intuition and led a life filled with outstanding marvels, well-admired maneuvers, acknowledged services to the mankind.