Analysis Paralysis

What is Analysis Paralysis and how to get rid of it effectively?

The Making of a decision

Life is all about choices we take in our lives. The choices we take, are the decisions in fact in disguise. Every moment of life, you are choosing an action or a set of actions that determines the course of life. However, there are times in life when you find yourself occupied with multiple choices or options, sometimes in a blizzard. That moment stuns your mind and you find yourself stuck in a rut, you are unable to choose or decide. You tend to think, think over, and then start overthinking and the course remains unending and put your mind in inertia. Ultimately you tend to remain inactive instead of taking any action at all. This mental incapacitation is called “Analysis Paralysis”.

The analysis is breaking down the data in detail, peeling off of facts, and categorization of information. In short, it is a good practice as long as it helps you reach a decision. Nevertheless, at times, it turns into a rabbit hole and it’s like peeling an onion, layer by layer. You get more into the maze instead of getting out. You fall trapped to digging into details than approaching to some point of conclusion. This is where you put out your feelers. The alarm should go off when you become obsessed with details that seem to be falling into the analysis catch.

 The paralysis of analysis or decision paralysis numbs your power of inference, disperse your control of focus, and paralyzes your force to act. One commonly encounters the fits of such psychological disorders at many occasions of life and aspire to seek the solution or the absolution from this curse. Let’s not worry as there are ways to get over this nuisance. Below are some of the best tools or techniques to cope with this grave issue:

Clarity of Outcome:

You must wonder that when you are under such paralysis, the first thing that happens to you is that your brain freezes. The things become quite fuzzy and you don’t seem to make out. So, relax and be clear with the end outcome of your decision, I would rather you wrote it down someplace. Now sort out if there is some irrelevant stuff among the best possible options. You would see for some stuff there is no point at all to relate to your decision or let your mind fuss over. Get things in orderliness and then choose the best option and make a decision. For example, If I were to write an article, I should be boggling over the topics to choose from, the content, platforms to pitch. But I would also grumble about the non-availability of a peaceful environment, electricity issue, etc. which are quite irrelevant to my decision of article writing.

Capacity Limitation

Today is the world of data, information, and communication. You are surrounded by news, information bits, and communication channels, like; Radio, TV, the Internet, etc. When you think of a decision and look for the best option, you are confronted with a multitude of information about that choice, true or false, fake or authentic, open or biased, etc. this is what flabbergasts your mind. When ideas over-capacitates your brain, it starts to freeze and you are unable to make a decision. Therefore, when making a decision, set a limit of information to yourself, fix the resources to welcome the information, install a filter to sort out the related, and practicable information which helps you to take a good analysis before taking a decision.

Stipulation of Timeliness

When you find yourself wandering around, attach a time bomb to yourself and assume that if the task was not completed by the time, things would explode or devastate in life, job, career, or relationship. That feeling of exigency eats away your lethargy and straighten out the stuff. Time binding is a very good strategy to put you under eustress (the positive stress) which acts as a stimulus to pull the best decision out of you. Remember, timeliness is not hastening the affairs. To further make this tool effective, it is better to schedule the tasks involved in that decision. Timelines play a pivotal role in exacting out the activities to the best possible extent. Let’s say again if I were to write an article, I should first set a deadline for completion. And then I should plan out a schedule of task by task completion.

Partnership of togetherness

The burden of the decision also defies your wits and wisdom. You don’t have to be the beast of burden and bear the brunt. It’s wiser to get the load off your chest with the partner you count on and consult in order to gain a word of wisdom. The best thing is to get mentored with any expert or experienced person in your family, friends, or circle of acquaintances for taking the particular decision. Here lies a thin line that on many occasions, you can’t consult any matter with anyone. You have to be very selective about getting advice as you can’t ask someone about someplace, he has never been. In short, the consultation also fortifies your courage to take any decision if rightfully taken.


You simply can’t escape decisions in life. Taking no decision at all is itself a decision. What kills indecisiveness or the decision paralysis are the above-described techniques which would certainly assist you in avoiding the tempting snooze of overthinking and lead a peaceful life. Remember, a bad decision is way better than no decision at all. So, stop twiddling your thumbs at the time of decision making and resort to the above techniques so as to get a handle of the situation in the best manner.   

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