Blackholes of Negativity

The Rhetoric of Blackholes

The sun is considered a source of almighty power, even worshiped in some parts of the world. It is considered the master subjugating the rest of the universe. Nevertheless, one must wonder that at times the clouds (usually before downpour) exhibit the jolt of strength, shrouds the sun and subduing its emperorship. The sun is the positivity whereas the clouds are the negativity in nature.

The example is cited with the reference in the context that no matter how bright the light of your positivity is, it can be darkened by the blackholes of negativity. Negativity has its own spheres of magnitude. It swarms around the goodness of human nature and transposes it into the domain of evil. Negativity functions like the black holes in the cosmos of the human mind. If they are given liberty to rise, they overshadow the countless shining stars, brilliant planets, and even the mighty sun.

The Case in Point

Take a practical look at one of the exercises to demonstrate how the blackholes of negativity overpower. Take 4 board markers in red, green, blue and black colors. The red marker denotes your passion, green is for your skillset, the blue signifies the ambitions, whereas the black symbolizes the negativity.

Put dots with each marker of Red, Green and Blue color. The dots represent one’s prospect of action-oriented success in the future with passion, skill, and ambitions. Now start putting a bigger dot on each dot with the black marker of negativity. You will witness that black dot will envelop the color of each dot leaving no or least traces of previous color dot. The activity is performed in order to exhibit the supremacy of negativity on the human mind.

Be mindful that it’s we who give the mightiness to our negative mind and the negativity devastates the forts of positivity and optimism. It paralyzes our thought train and throws us into the abyss of despair.

The Path to Remedy

Let’s not worry as there is a lot, we can do to steer clear of this dreadful characteristic of our mind:

Jim Rohn teaches a simple principle: Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind, and you alone decide what thoughts and beliefs you let into your life.

  1. Build a firewall around you to stop receiving any negative news, information, talk or whatsoever.
  2. Install antivirus in your mind that if any information contaminated with negativity arrives at the door of your mind or ear, it gets filtered and quarantined.
  3.  Stay away from the constant whiners, complainers and hate mongers for they give off nothing but the pungent odor of negativity and frustration.
  4. Take every problem, crisis or difficulty as an opportunity to grow, to develop and to rise to the raised bar of accomplishment.
  5. Take inputs of positivity as your daily dose or diet; listen to motivational lectures, read books and stories of resilience, grit, and perseverance.
  6. When confronts a problem or a catch, think about what you can do instead of what’s happening. Discuss possibilities instead of problems. Use the power of lateral thinking where you see no conventional way of grappling with the issue.
  7. Practice meditation in order to arouse the power of your subconscious mind and gather your scattered thought to the focused point of the solution.

The Conclusion

The last but the best, stand firm to your impeccable faith. It’s “The Almighty God” that puts you to the trial and he is the one who can pull you out of the stuck-up. Beware that the trials are the assessment of your faith and those who cope with unshakeable faith, patience, and gratitude shall rise to the occasion in an enviably successful manner. You have the options in your hands, either to accept failure with negativity as everyone fails or stand fast to perseverance as some beats the odds and embraces the victory with leadership.

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