How is it easy to be lost, indecisive and collapsed? How difficult is to find focus? And how does concentration work? These are quite common questions that arise in the minds of a vast majority. Life is getting complex and mechanistic. You find yourself tied up in hectic routines, mentally occupied with tasks and with no proper guidance to cope with this monster. Finally, the time which is left; is further distracted by the insignificant interests and activities which are at times so luring that you can’t escape. So, the crux is “How to find focus” which has more or less become a parabola of mathematics which a lot of people find hard to crack.

The focus is one of your greatest strength. If you are a student, job holder, businessman, entrepreneur, it is your pre-requisite. There are many practices that are designed to help one get more focused but mindfulness is above all which helps in making concentration a part of your lifestyle. Let’s make it clear that it’s not a piece of cake to gain mindfulness and focus, yet the following are some of the techniques to find focus and mindfulness:

Reframe the patterns

The first thing you do is to observe the system of life and check how distraction exists and work within the system. Now you after finding the patterns, reframe them in an entirely contrasting manner. For example; If the first thing you are to do at the office is checking emails, break to it. Do planning first that what are the most important activities for today and what are urgent and important to be done at first. Indeed, checking email would be a secondary priority. Or let’s say you have a tendency to check your Twitter or Facebook status quite often, change the pattern, how; by uninstalling from mobile phone and using it at your laptop or desktop pc. If it’s difficult, keep your phone on silent mode (No notification mode) for some time when you wish to find the focus on an activity.


It’s not your doing that distracts but your environment contributes a lot too in this connection. The environment is the surrounding where you spend your time around. If your office desk is messy, it will drastically impact on your power of concentration. If the TV or music is loud at home, you will certainly be at sea to find focus. Ever wonder why a library is a place to read and a hospital to fall sick too, funnily speaking. Reshape your environment if you wish to seek concentration. Put things in order so that you always find what you need instead of searching and wasting time. Make a separate working area at home where you are accompanied only with your work and nothing else.

Positivity of situation

The world is rife with negativity and full of negaholics. You have to avoid the negativity bias in order to maintain mindfulness. Negativity is like leeches sucking out your energy and power. It drains you of concentration and leaves you in a confused state. It’s like instead of mulling over the half-fullness or half emptiness of a glass of water, one should say thanks to God and drink what is available to it. Whatever the catch or puzzle, life puts you into, remain grateful and focused by believing that who put you in the rabbit hole, will also get you out of it. Look through the problem-solving mind not the problem finding one. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Read the needs (Physical or Mental)

You must have heard a proverb “It’s the straw that breaks camel back”. Body and mind have their own needs and momentum. In order to find focus, one needs to align with your physical needs or mental needs. You can’t have quality results if you force your mind or physique to a task. If you wish to find focus, you need to put your mind and at body at ease, meditation plays a great role in acquiring it. Learn to use your power of intuition to identify the moment of optimum focus and make the best use of that time. A good sleep, fitness work out and adopting healthy habits are the key source to maintaining physical and mental needs.

Discipline (Bind with time)

One of the key ingredients or factors to success in gaining focus is Discipline. All above exercises are transitory in nature. You have to habituate yourself to these practices by binding yourself with time and discipline. Follow a daily routine by allocating time and resources needed for a task and adhere to it. Do one thing at a time, avoid multitasking and remove distractions. Discipline encompasses all aspects of your life which are vital in achieving the wonders of focus and mindfulness. Procrastination is the opposite of discipline, be wise to it. It is the silent killer of your concentration. The only way to kill this viper is to “plan your work and work your plan.

The above strategies to find focus and concentration are tried tested and proven. You only have to act upon them as action outweighs all. No one can have the focus just by desiring one. So, you have to go get it by following the afore-mentioned practices and firewall yourself against the time wasters, mood busters and energy sappers as elaborated to in the above passages. The undermentioned adage is the best synopsis of above and with this, I rest my case.

“Iron rusts from disuse, stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen, even so does inaction sap the vigors of the mind.” Leonardo da Vinci

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