This is usually a question that perplexes an average mind what really takes a man to reach the height of success. one ponders what are the secret success factors that lead one to the success zone. They try different ways to cook dishes in ways that make one relish over it. Yet there are some who succeeding in achieving that pinnacle to success.
So the recipe to gain success remains in dark but not until you go through this article. Here I would share with you some of the easiest ways to cook the dish of success in a manner that would make them go mad about.

Ingredients to Success

Before getting your hands on success factors one must know what it takes to make the dis of success. So here are some of the ingredients which are to be put in the rightest amount or quantity and in the right sequence to get closer to the dream success. The set of ingredients is called 6 Ps to Success:
  1. Passion
  2. Purpose
  3. Plan
  4. Perform
  5. Progress
  6. Prove

The Ps are to be comprehended in their true sense and sensibility in order to extract the right essence of success. Now we would delve into each P one by one in order to unravel the secret.

Related imagePassion:

As the word sounds that what is ignited within you like a flame. passion is something you love to relate your life to. you love to watch, listen, discuss or even think about. it can take any form a hobby, sports, work, skill or anything that interests you more than anything. So your first job is to find that passion what drives you crazy for.

Purpose:Image result for Purpose

The passion once molded into the right direction turns into the purpose of your life. The purpose is the guidepost that sets your efforts into that right direction. Life without purpose is like a life of wild horse who aimlessly wanders around the fields and end up there. Once the same horse is tamed and set into the target of winning the race, it lives a life and ends as a memory. so you have to crux the purpose out of your passion and make it a goal of your life.
The purpose can be further intuited with the power of intuition.

Image result for PlanPlan:

 You have the purpose of your life in the form of a goal, the journey just begins. now all you need to do is to plan your moves with timelines to turn that goal into a reality. Make a target and then break into small steps/ plans to secure small achievements. This leads you to the accomplishment of all time target.


 Now once the plan is set, it’s time to put yourself into motion and start walking your talk. The activities defined in small steps/ plans are to be geared into action. Do work slowly but consistently while keeping the timelines in mind to make it well time achievement. Avoid procrastination, put-offs and set priorities to the activities planned earlier.

Progress of Success Factors:Presentation, Statistic, Boy, Character, Man, Male

As a dictum goes, what is not measured, is not managed. You must keep a vigil on the progress of your planned activities. Make sure that the activities are done in the right manner, at the right time and in the right amount. The progress checks work as an alarm and enlighten you whether you are pacing rightly or you have to increase the momentum. It also helps you identify the shortfalls and build backup plans to cover the gaps.


The progress is monitored, the errors are improved and the fruit of efforts is riping up. The steam is coming off and indicating that the dish is going to be ready. The aroma is spread around in the shape of achievements of small steps/ plans. this is the right time to serve the dish to others and prove your mettle that the success you dream, you deserve. Prove it to yourself and make your self proud of you. with that pride and confidence, step into the fierce market of competition and you would certainly stand out from the crowd.


Be wise that there is no shortcut to success. Success is not overnight or achieved in a fluke. Success is earned, revered and celebrated. People who take the easy way usually end up nowhere whereas when one dares to explore untrodden paths, risks and prepare while considering all Ps with due care and diligence, success kisses his or her feet as you must have heard “Fortune favors the bravest.”
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