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“Edge Training & Consulting Firm” is the leading training and consulting firm providing turnkey solutions to enterprises. The enterprises which seek to develop systems and also equip their workforce with the best of skill and competency. At Edge Training & Consulting Firm, it is our commitment to developing highly successful workforces along with our comprehensive line of training material. We also provide organizations and their employees with the tools and systems quite necessary to excel in today’s challenging work environment.

Past Marvels

Edge has worked with numerous organizations to customize programs to help them meet their organizational development goals. We have assisted them in finding their purpose. Whether you need to re-skill an individual employee, recharge a team or redirect an entire enterprise, Edge Training & Consulting Firm is the best help, you ever seek.

The Variety of Materials

The Training may include from softcore management courses to the hardcore technical courses. The courses are related to ISO series, productivity improvement, organizational development and assuring safe working environment. Accordingly, we provide the consultancy to organizations looking for system development by implementing the world’s best, tried. tested and proven standards. The standards may include ISO Standards relating to Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety as well as productivity enhancement systems, like;

  • Toyota Production System
  • Lean Manufacturing Principles
  • Total Quality Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Blue Oceans Strategy and many more. 
Professional Approach

We have a blended training and consulting approach. We provide greater flexibility to your organization by offering a variety of learning and development options. It’s all about gaining the knowledge your company needs now if a business needs to drive through the fierce world of business with accomplishments and milestones. So be wise that we are the best source if you are looking for innovative, high-quality training material as well as profound consulting Our training and consulting service is backed by a level of customer service and support that is second to none, Look up to Edge Training & Consulting Firm!