How to overcome Self Limiting Beliefs

To understand the mystery of self-limiting beliefs, one needs to know that the world is full of people who aspire to conquer the world, win a championship, build an empire, or in simple words, desire to live a successful life. Nevertheless, now many of them reach their desired destination while quite many missed the spot. The reason behind their falling back can be numerous but what outweighs is the limiting beliefs which put them under inertia and they don’t even step into the world of reality or actions. They remain shrouded in the mysteries of their self-limiting beliefs.

Those limiting beliefs have a great charisma. They build blind spots, bends, eye dazzles during your journey to materializing your dream. If you fail to handle them right from the scratch, they will not let you get out of the quagmire of inaction and daydreaming.

What requires to overcome to such limiting beliefs, is also an act of valor and skill-oriented job. You not only need to know but practice the following 6 proven strategies to slay the giant of limiting beliefs:

Positive Thinking

One tends to do what he thinks to do. You are the product of your thoughts. Therefore, thinking positive is essential to overcome the limiting beliefs. Those beliefs stem from the negative mindset and pessimistic approach. The world is full of positivity and shining examples to encourage positive thinking. The sprout of sapling from hard layered sand is a sign that anything is possible. All you have to do is to have a positive mind that always sees the positive side of the image.

Attitude of gratitude

The trait that stops the growth of limiting beliefs is to be thankful for what you have now. Don’t put off for what you can do today and even with the least available resources. When you thank The Almighty for whatever the resources you have, you surrender your plea in his court and he is The Expedient. He strategizes your moves within the resources with the strength of your faith in him. There are many examples of modern-day successful people who rose from the ashes, who travelled from rags to riches; Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sunder Pichai, etc. one thing that they all have is the attitude of gratitude.

 Daily dose of motivation

The miles of your journey in a vehicle entirely depends on the fuel your vehicle has. The more the fuel you have, the farther you would go. The same is the case with motivation which is fuel to your passion drive. One needs to get a daily dose of motivation to keep his morale uplifted and vision focused on its target. There are many failures, setbacks or turndowns, you would come across during your journey. but that worse experiences produce your limiting beliefs and distract your attention from your goal. So, for this, you need to keep your passion vehicle filled with the fuel of motivation.

The competence for confidence

No one can deny the significance of a positive mindset, gratefulness and motivation, but you can’t fish with those qualities unless you know the skill of fishing. Competence is the true antagonist to your limiting beliefs. Remember, competence is the only way to gain confidence. The more you become competent, the less powerful your limiting beliefs would become. The skills you master, pave your way to your dream life of success. Carry on the voyage of learning, discovery and ultimately competence throughout your life.

The naysayers club

Most of the limiting beliefs are not self-created, they are instilled into our mind from the beginning by our family, friends, acquaintances, peers, teachers and the list go on. Enlist them in naysayer’s club and turn a deaf ear to those voices. You would often hear the voices, too difficult, too risky, impossible, not for you, useless or many more to diverge your faith from your passion. These voices take shape into limiting beliefs once you start to pay heed to them. Mind it, “it always seems difficult until it’s done”. Listen to what your heart says. Let heart decide and mind design the tactics, let heart aspire and mind conspire methods to achieve what inspires you.

The firewall of Belief System

In the end, nothing works wonder to kill the giant of limiting beliefs unless you have an impeccable belief on yourself and your consequent success. Faith moves mountains. You are not born when you are born, your real birth occurs when you find your why to be born which gives you absolute belief system. Believing in yourself truly builds a firewall within you that prevents you from crashing down by the negative emotions, setbacks, demotivational phrases, etc. When you find your purpose, have a thorough belief in yourself and don’t let any space to the limiting beliefs.

The strongest predicament in your way to accomplishments is your liming beliefs which can be dominated with the above-mentioned strategies that are tried, tested and proven from time to time. Once you overcome them, there is no stopping to success.

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