Circles of Wisdom & COVID-19

The Wisdom of Two Circles and The Pandemic (COVID-19)(A life-changing note on paradigm shift)

Introduction to the Theory

The present situation reminds me of one of the traits of the first habit of highly effective people, i-e; Be Proactive in the book written by Late Mr. Stephen R. Covey. The trait I am referring to is the two circles that represent your dominance and submission to the NOW. One circle is termed as “The circle of Concern” while the other is termed as “The Circle of Influence”. This is exactly what we studied in the NLP Practitioner course “The cause & effect principle”. The theory centers upon the type of personality which is either reactive or proactive in nature.

Event vs. Response

To better understand the theory of Circles and its relevance to the present situation, you have to understand that life is an ongoing process and which comes to rest until the knock of death. In the duration of the process, you tend to face many situations or events. The events demand your response to keep the process ongoing. Circles are the paradigms of your responses to the events of the present or the NOW.

You tend to give a very welcoming response to the events which go on the positive side. Yet not every event or situation falls in favor of you, this is where you tend to lose yourself, become negative or sometimes dip in despair. And this is exactly where you need counseling or schooling in order to learn to regain your strengths and harness the power to grapple with the temporality of the NOW. You gain this dexterity by comprehending the wisdom behind the two circles. Remember, “you are not the product of your circumstances, but you are the product of your response or decision”, Stephen R. Covey.

The First Circle (Circle of Concern)

The first circle is the circle of concern, which is denotive of those factors of the event over which you either have little or no control. In the happening of any event, you encounter two forces, The force within you and the force outside you. The force outside of you is the circle of concern, which is either the least in your power or absolutely out of your authority. The cases in point are A difficult Boss, Tough exam questions, recession, inflation, tyrant leadership or rulers, etc.

Do you have command over the above-mentioned elements of the circle of concern? Can you enter the heart or mind of your boss and alter his reaction to you? or simply Can you change the difficulty level of an exam or assessment? No, Certainly not. These forces are out of your personal impact. Since you do not have any authority over them, you must question yourself that should you be investing your energies over them or even eating your heart out for those elements? Absolutely not.

The Second Circle (The Circle of Influence)

The second circle is the circle of influence, which is indicative of the things which are in your control and you can do something about it. It is the force inside you, the force which is under your influence. The examples can be cited as your Mindset, Planning, Efforts, Strategies, Habits, etc. which you can alter, adjust or adapt to. These personality traits are the determiner of your future, prospects, and destination. You can either develop or destroy your life by exercising the power of influence over these elements.

To further elucidate, you may refer to one of my all-time favorite quotes of Mr. Jim Rohn, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better”. You can’t change your boss mind but you can adapt to your boss need, interest or concern which ultimately have a positive impact over his response to you. You can’t bring down the difficulty level of any exam or assessment, but you can learn more, practice more in order to accomplish. You can’t deflate the inflating economy but you can increment your income span, double your income stream or so on.

The Present Calamity and Your Response

Now to relate this wisdom to the current pandemic situation when there is a huge escalating trend of epidemic cases, countries are in lockdown state, the recession is rising up, the economy is declining, jobs are disappearing, growth is stagnant or detrimental. Now ask yourself if you have command over all those evil factors? Not at all. Because these all fall in the circle of concern. If this is the case, then mull over what falls in the circle of influence in the present pandemic crisis? What can you do the best today, what can you learn now, what can you develop at present which would help you build your life in the post-pandemic era? As this will most certainly last someday.

I would end here with the wisdom I have provided you with in this article/ blog and one of the finest quotes of Mr. Jim Rohn, “You can’t change your destination overnight but you change your direction tonight”. Now I spare you with an opportunity to chose your response or decision in the dire circumstances of NOW and reshape your destiny in the future.

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